AT13 - Landmannalaugar Grand Tour - 2015
Guided Super Jeep tour

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This tour allows you to experience Iceland in a truly unique way. Visit the most breath-taking sites in Iceland by day and spend the night in a luxurious travelling hotel in locations, far away from civilization. In September and October you can expect to find yourself alone with nature in many of Iceland´s magical spots.

Day 1. Golden Circle – Ţjórsárdalur Valley and Landmannalaugar

You will be picked up in the morning at your hotel in Reykjavík at 08:30 and head out of city for your grand tour adventure. The first stop is the Ţingvellir National Park, the site of world´s oldest parliament. Onwards to serene lake Laugarvatn and the hot spring area, where you will witness Strokkur – they spouting geyser that can reach up to 20 meters. From Geysir we continue to picturesque Gullfoss, which is also known as the Golden Waterfall – Iceland´s most beautiful and famous waterfall.

After visiting the so called Golen Circle we head to the highlands through the Ţjórsárdalur Valley. On the way, we will make a stop at Hjálparfoss waterfall. Then head on to the mighty Langjökull glacier with its endless snowfields and wonderful panoramic views of South Iceland. We end our day in the impressive Landmannalaugar valley, which is famous for its colourful rhyolite mountains and natural hot springs, where one can soak in and relax after a long day. If we are lucky, the northern lights might dance in the sky.

The travelling hotel will be waiting for us with the best comfort that any modern hotel can offer. Rooms are furnished with a queen size bed, private bathroom facilities, high quality mattresses and electricity for laptops, camera or other electrical equipment. Tasty dinner will be served and continental gourmet breakfast will be ready when you wake up.

Day 2. Frostastađavatn Lake – Ljótipollur Crater – Mt Hekla

After the breakfast, you have a chance to explore the Landmannalaugar area by joining an easy hike (approx.. 2 hours) or you can bathe in the natural hot springs for full rejuvenation. We start our journey from Landmannalaugar at 10:00. Nutritious packed lunch is provided for the day.

We continue on our way through the Fjallabak nature reserve. Fjallabak means “behind the mountains” and takes the name from numerous rough rugged mountains with deep valleys. The area is extremely unique with volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, black sand, lava field, lakes and rivers.

Our first stop is the stunning Frostastađavatn lake, that is surrounded by green moss-covered lava and bizarre rock formations. Next, we come to the impressive volcanic crater Ljótipollur, which literally translates as Ugly Pond. Despite the strange name, the crater lake is spectacular with high, red hills and deep blue water. We continue our adventure by driving some challenging jeep tracks, passing mountain Krakatindar and making our way to the queen of Icelandic volcanoes – Mount Hekla. Hekla is Iceland´s most active volcano; over 20 eruptions have occurred in and around the volcano since 874. During the middle ages the Icelanders believed Hekla to be the gateway to hell. Our specially modified super jeeps drive to a height of 950 meters up the side of the volcano. From there, weather permitting, you will have astonishing views over the area in all directions. From Hekla we head back to Reykjavík with a stop at Ţjófafoss waterfall.


June 20, 2015 - October 15, 2015
- Price per person: 0 ISK

Book Now
Season: (JUN 20 to OCT 15)
Duration: (2 days, 1 night)
Price: (See above)
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