Standard 4x4 & Camping

Having a car and tent makes up the ultimate Iceland road trip with all the flexibility you need. This package includes a Toyota Landcruiser or similar, tent and other camping equipment. if you are considering driving some of Iceland's highland trails this is the car to choose, read more about it.


Car for Standard 4x4 & Camping tour
  • Season:June 1 to August 31
  • Passengers:5
  • Suitcases:4
  • Doors:5
  • Operation:Automatic
  • Fuel option:Gas, Diesel
  • Tour ID:CC-05


  • Toyota Landcruiser or similar
  • Two authorized drivers
  • WiFi device
  • Tent
  • Inflatable mattresses
  • Camping stove
  • Dishes & cutlery
  • Cookware
  • Soap, brush & sponge
  • Cooler
  • Need anything extra? Check out the "extra" tab above

Not Included

  • Sleeping Bags (can be added as extra)
  • Fuel
  • camping fees


We offer some extras to make you stay in Iceland more enjoyable. These extras range from sleeping bags and other camping equipment making your stay more comfortable to optional extra activities and tours adding even more fun to your Iceland road trip. 
The list of extra activities is not complete and we recommend taking a look at our what to do in Iceland section of our Iceland travel guide,and our day tours as well as our self drive itineraries for inspiration.


For general questions regarding Iceland, weather, currency, what to do & see, electricity and so forth please check out our detailed travel guide.

Here below are some FAQ regarding this particular tour.

Are many campsites around the country?
Yes, there are campsites in almost every town and even more dotted around the countryside and they rarely get full exept if there is special event going on but the next campsite is never that far away.

Do campsites normally have shower facilities?
Many of the do have such facilities but we also recommend people to use the local swimming pools which are located in almost every town.

How much does campsites cost?
The average cost of campsite permits are around 1100 ISK per person.

How is the weather and climate in Iceland?
Take a look at our travel guide for detailed info but you can always take a look at the weather forcast at

How do I get the car and camping equipment?
If you are in Reykjavik we pick you up at where you are staying and take you to the carrental agency where you sign the carrental agreement. After you have received you car, drive to our office only 12 minutes away where we will deliver the camping equipment and you can repack your car in our indoor facilities and get a few pointers from our staff on what not to miss along the way. You can also pickup the car at Keflavik airport and drive to our office in Reykjavik where we will deliver the camping equipment

Can I buy extra insurance?
Yes your car comes with a standard CDW (collition damage waiver) but extra insurance such as SCDW, gravel protection and ash & sand protection can be arranged at the carrental agency.

Can i book activities along the way?
Yes, we are a authorized travel agency so we are able to book for you the activities you are looking for we have the most popular activities listed in the "extra" tab in each tour if you don't find your activity there then contact us. We work with many tour operators in Iceland and are able to offer the tours at the same price.

How do I return the car and camping gear?
You drop the camping gear at our office then same place you picked it up, if you arrive during regular office hours. Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 you can just drop by otherwise give us a call before you get back into Reykjavik and we will meet you at the office.

Is it possible to get the car at the airport?
Yes you can get the car at the airport but the camping equipment is delivered in Reykjavik. just be sure to give us your arrival time and flight number.

Is it possible to return the car at the airport?
You can drop the car off at the airport but you need to drop of the camping gear in Reykjavik.

Do you have any recommended itineraries?
We have a lot of itineraries on our website that you can use as reference but we especially like this one here Another way doing a camping road trip is to relax and do it the Icelandic way and go where the best weather is each day.

Pictures & Videos

The Tent
4 person tent4 person tent dimensions
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