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June 11, 2018
The Trip of a Lifetime - Thanks to Iceland Roadtrip!
Since 2002, it had been my dream to go to Iceland. What a surprise and happy moment for me when my partner offered to send me there. I tried going through a few U.S. travel agencies, but they didn't seem to get the concept that I didn't want to stay in Reykjavik the entire week, nor were they knowledgeable about Iceland in general. That's when I decided to go through an Icelandic agency.

After doing considerable research and price comparisons, I found that Iceland Roadtrip had the best prices. Hebba was always on the ball, answering any questions I had, and was extremely patient with the know-nothing American who had never done anything like this before and probably had a tons of stupid questions. Soon she had the itinerary planned out and offered many suggestions for activities and sights I should consider along the way. She offered three choices of accommodation, Comfort, Mixed, and Budget. I went for the comfort. I put my faith and money in her hands, and hoped for the best. It's scary when you book something of this magnitude, especially when you are a woman traveling solo in a strange land. You are aware that things can go very wrong.

But everything was absolutely perfect. The car (whose Roadtrip name was Lagertha) was fuel-efficient and powerful; all the accommodations were charming and comfortable, free breakfast included. She had booked me in gorgeous places I might not have considered, such as Husavik, because she knew the area and cared about making sure I saw the beauty the country has to offer. I had no idea that was there and it saddens me to think I might have missed it. Without her careful planning and care, I know it would not have been the trip of a lifetime that I had dreamed of. I would have missed so much. She knew enough also to not send me off to Westfjords or Snaefellsnes, because she was keenly aware it was not possible in the time I had available, as I had opted for one of the shortest Ring Road packages. I attempted the latter, and though it was beautiful, as I was driving to my accommodation in the middle of the night, I shook my head and said, "I should have listened to Hebba."

I saw people there who didn't fare as well as I did, sleeping in their cars, having nasty surprises at the northern gas stations when they find that they can't use their credit card at the automated pumps, they need a debit card with a pin. Hebba gave me this necessary information so I wasn't caught off guard. And every night I went to sleep in a comfortable bed.

I will be eternally grateful to Hebba and Iceland Roadtrip for planning out my perfect trip and giving me many happy memories to remember. I highly recommend them to anyone!

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