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December 22, 2016
Roadtrip Iceland - A Professional and Courteous Travel Agency

We were looking for an adventure that allowed us the freedom to travel where we wanted to at our own pace, yet offer suggestions of where to go and what to see. We also wanted to stay outside of Reykjavik for a few nights as we wanted to do some exploring. Iceland Road Trip offered us what we were looking for. After a lot of deliberation on their website about which tour package we wanted to book (so many different ones are offered), we booked the RT-07 tour which was a 6-day trip in and around the Southern Coast of Iceland. The package included a rental car and hotel accommodation, as well as a suggested itinerary of where to go and what to see and do. Once we booked with them we were assigned a travel agent, Jónsi who was super helpful and absolutely wonderful in providing us with all of the information we needed and making sure we were ready for our trip. He addressed many of our questions and concerns before and during our trip and always made himself available to assist us in any way he could. Iceland Road Trip is a professional travel agency with agents who care about your Iceland experience. They set you up with as much information as you could possibly need, including a guide on how to drive in Iceland and useful things to know about Iceland. The package did not include airfare which we had to book separately but it all worked out. Nothing is cheap in Iceland so be prepared to spend some money (and it's all well worth it). Everyone we have spoken with and Iceland RT has been courteous and professional and I highly recommend booking your trip to the beautiful country of Iceland only through them.

This testimonial is from our TripAdvisor page made by the user SDH424