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July 23, 2019
Unforgettable vacation trip !!!!
We just came back from an approximately 10 days road trip from lceland. It was an unforgettable vacation with stunning and breathtaking landscapes. We did the round trip (Route 1) around the island. We drove a bit more than 2,500 km.

Car rental, accommodations, suggested sights to visit, everything was absolutely perfect !! We sometimes made some short-term minor adjustments but overall followed the local advice and guidance. The experiences, the breathtaking landscapes, and letís not forget the food were beyond what you can possibly describe with words.

Bragi, who helped us with his local expertise and very customer-centric, friendly and patient approach, organized the tour for us. He was amazing and always open for our ideas so that it became our very personalized vacation trip !! Kudos to him and his colleagues. 10 out of 10 !!

I would absolutely and without a shred of a doubt recommend him and his colleagues if anyone plans any trips to Iceland !!!

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