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August 27, 2017
Excellent Travel Agency!
My 17 year old son and I had the opportunity to go to Iceland this month (Aug 2017). Usually I plan and book our trips myself. I've never used a travel agent. However I was having difficulty in trying to fit things into my budget and still do the things we wanted to do. I came across Iceland Road Trip in late November 2016. I actually sent an email out to a few Iceland-based travel companies and this one was the first to respond and had extensive information in their initial email, answering all the questions that I had sent. So I felt I found the agency for me. And I was right!

I dealt with Marta. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marta. She was simply fantastic. She answered all questions promptly, actually "listened" to my thoughts and concerns and offered a variety of scenarios for our trip. She put up with me making various changes (and ended up working overtime a few nights due to the necessity of getting things finalized), and she understood that I was on a tight budget and managed to squeeze in one heck of a trip in just 6.5 days!

Marta put together one amazing trip for us!!!!! She booked us with various tour companies for our different excursions, booked all of our accommodations and the car rental. She mailed us maps, a book with things to do in Iceland, all of our itinerary listed in detail, the average length of driving time between locations, suggestions for other things we could do if we had time, plus maps and a discount card for the gas station.

We went kayaking amoung icebergs, descended into a dormant volcano, hiked on a glacier, got a rental car for 2 days, hiked up to Glymur falls, took the Golden Circle bus tour and went to Blue Lagoon.

One one excursion, our guide's bus ended up with a flat tire, so he had to call in for another bus. However it would make us 2 hours late in picking up our rental car. So I emailed Marta and asked her to contact the rental car company to let them know we wouldn't be there until almost closing time. I found out after the fact that she also called our tour company to ensure the new bus was on its way.

It's that level of caring, the attention to every detail, top notch service and the detailed answers to the hundreds of questions I sent her way that makes this an OUTSTANDING company to deal with. I am sure all of the staff here are great!

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