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October 03, 2015
Iceland is a remarkable place!
We had "roadtrip Iceland" book us a 5 day trip along the southwestern part of Iceland- RT07 road trip. It was fantastic, exceeding my expectations (which were already fairly high)! Oli, from the company, responded quickly to all my emails, and his booking details were thoroughly done. The hotels/hostels we stayed in (we chose "mixed accommodations") were clean, comfortable, and staffed by friendly and helpful people. The itinerary was an excellent mix of natural, cultural, and historic opportunities to get to know the country. There was not a glitch, in the entire trip, from getting the "flybus" to and from the airport, to the car rental, to information about how to obtain gas. I would highly recommend this company, and Oli, to anyone who wanted to travel to Iceland. We are planning a return trip.

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