Customer Review - Comment from our customer

June 30, 2017
Booked a roadtrip with this company in 2016. Exceptional service (special mention to Marta and Oli)! Prior to the trip, they were very responsive and helpful in answering our questions. The real time chat function on their website was much appreciated. My travel plans almost unraveled when my travel buddy and I realized to our horror on touching down at Reykjavik that we had left the entire package of the itinerary and travel vouchers back home in Singapore. Fortunately, the company was readily contactable and were able to prepare a new package at short notice, for a small fee. We were able to complete the rest of our amazing journey without any hiccups. Iceland was simply beautiful and our experience with this company had a large part to do with it. Highly recommended for travelers who want a semi free and easy style of travel!

This review is from our Facebook page made by Daniel Quek June 30 2017