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May 30, 2019
Spring Ring Road Adventure
Based upon the reviews of other travelers, we selected Iceland Roadtrip to coordinate our 10 day Ring Road adventure. Bragi was our travel specialist and we could not be happier. My wife is very allergic to feather bedding so Bragi coordinated with each hotel in our itinerary to prepare the room with foam pillows and duvet. When Iceland Air cancelled flights from Tampa due to the Boeing Max 8 fleet grounding, we had to fly from Orlando a day early. Bragi got us an extra night in ReykjavÝk and booked us on a Puffin harbor cruise with Elding. We enjoyed that so much, we went the next day on their Whale Watching cruise. Avis provided our rental car and picked us up at our hotel. We headed the overwhelming advice to purchase the additional insurance. While we didn't experience any sand storms and have the paint stripped from the car, the windshield coverage was certainly worth it. From no fault of our own, we were three times struck with gravel thrown up from approaching vehicles on gravel roads. Get the insurance. We added a Whale Watching and Puffin cruise in H˙savÝk with Salka and a birding cruise with Seatours in Stykkishˇlmur. Other than a cold rain that persisted for much of our end of May trip, we had a fantastic time moving around the Ring Road at our own pace. The suggested itinerary from Iceland Roadtrip was excellent. With nearly 24 hours of daylight we had all day to get to the next hotel and spend our time bird watching and photographing Iceland's amazing landscapes.
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