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July 06, 2016
Best tour package I could ever have asked for!
It was fantastic; from the being able to go at my own pace, the daily outline was perfect, all spots of interest were the best if anything I wanted more time at some of them ( there was always so much beautiful nature to see and photograph), all the places to stay were perfect and treated me amazingly, the included activities were again the best. When I was picked up by the twin peaks Quad biking tour by Christian he took amazing care of me from the pick up to the drop off and made that ride the best ride I could have asked for. The last day I had the rented car I got in late, almost an hour after the place closed but the young lady was still there and let me drop my car off and gave me a ride to my hotel. This was way above and beyond what I would have expected her to do for me an hour after she was to be closed and home with her family. I have to say hatís off to everyone involved with this tour as everything was absolutely super fantastic and I would recommend this tour to anyone who ask. I almost forgot to mention but all the help in the beginning was the best start to my feeling that this was the perfect tour package for me, many many thanks to them and everyone throughout my trip.

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