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May 30, 2014
We are now back home after our recent South Coast Northern Lights self drive tour organized by Oli. We decided to try something totally different from the vacations we normally do and we are so pleased with that decision. We were able to see the northern lights on three of the nights in Iceland although the locals said they were not at its best we found them to be amazing. The organization was perfect and Oli even managed to provide clear skies while we did our glacier hike, thanks Oli.
We originally planed to do the circle but due to our limited time, slower travel and less daylight in winter Oli suggested that we would stick to the South coast. The tour was at a relaxed pace so there was time for some extra activities along the way that filled our schedule. We chose one of the smaller 4x4s and are happy to have done so although the main roads were pretty much clear and we would have done ok with a smaller car some of the roads to the sights such as the road to do the glacier hike had some snow. Because of the clearly marked map they provided we only used the GPS on the first day to get out of the city.

We give Iceland road trip our best recommendations and will be back to Iceland and are then going to do the full circle.

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