Road map with the route and accommodation marked in

Road map with the route and accommodation marked in

A 1:500.000 scale road map of Iceland with all the latest updates. Your driving route and accommodation for each night marked in. The road map provides you with an easy and effective way of navigating.

The map also features the following:
-Explanations of Icelandic place names
-Night and Daylights scheme
-Distance table
-Place name index
-Facts about Iceland

In addition to the road map of Iceland we provide you with a Reykjavik city map with your accommodation marked in.

Having a printed roadmap of Iceland comes in handy to get an overview of the route and when maps on your mobile device can not be used for example due to poor signal. Having the Iceland road map marked with the driving route and accommodations allows you to check and make sure the map on your phone is actually taking you the correct route. Navigating the shortest route between A and B is not always the most scenic one and sometimes not accessible at certain time of year.

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