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Season: (NOV 15 to MAR 20)
Operates: (Daily)
Departure times: (07:30)
Duration: (14 - 16 hours)
Price Adults: (39900 ISK)
Price Youth: ( (12 - 17): 39900 ISK)
Price Children: (: Not available.)
Price Infants: (: Not available.)
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The famous Glacier Lagoon and the Diamond Ice-Beach, a visit to a natural Ice Cave, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and a Northern Light’s search - all in one long day! An excellent option for people who have limited time but would like to see these amazing attractions.
The tour starts with a 07:30 pick up at your hotel or at a nearby bus stop and you are in for a very long but breathtaking day. You will be sitting in a comfortable luxury mini-bus or jeep, enjoying all the best highlights that the south coast has to offer in one package.

You will drive towards Jökulsárlón, glacier lagoon. It‘s a part of the Vatnajökull national park and appeared in 1950 due to the melting of Breiđamerkurjökull glacier. Here you will see icebergs floating in the lagoon and might even see a seal from time to time. On the other side of Highway 1 you‘ll walk down to the Diamond beach where icebergs sit on the black sand beach of Breiđamerkursandur, having washed upon shore, glowing like crystals. Truly a unique experience and maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Once you have enjoyed viewing the ice bergs at the lagoon and beach you will be driven to the ice cave where you will be provided with safety gear and lights before you enter the cave.

After the ice cave you will head back to Reykjavík and take the final scheduled stop, Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you might have the option of walking behind the cascade. During the winter months, the waterfall is lit up and provides great photo opportunities, especially if the Northern lights appear. As the Northern lights can be very elusive, their sighting cannot be guaranteed but if conditions offer a glimpse of hope the drive back to the city is a constant Northern lights hunt.

Tour duration - You can expect the tour to take 14-16 hours so bringing snack for the ride is a good idea, the driver will also be making short stops during the tour at service stations. You can expect to be back in Reykjavik city shortly after midnight.

Clothing - Make sure you’re dressed well, hiking boots are recommended and multi layers of clothing as the temperature can be very low in the ice cave and around the lagoon.
Included in the tour
- Transportation in a comfortable vehicle with an English speaking driver / guide according to itinerary.
- An Ice Cave tour. Safety gear and lights are provided.

Not Included:
- Food and drinks during the tour

Other Details

- Adults: 39900 ISK
- Youth (12 - 17): 39900 ISK
- Children: Not available.
- Infants: Not available.
*All prices are per person
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Please note that pick up is only offered from these pick up points:
- Bus stop 1 - City Hall (Ráđhús)
- Bus stop 12 - Höfđatorg
- Bus stop 5 - Harpa Concert Hall
- Bus stop 8 - Hallgrímskirkja church
- Bus stop 9 - Snorrabraut
- BSÍ Bus Terminal on the taxi side
- Olís - Suđurlandsvegur
- N1 - Ártúnsbrekka

Please note - As your safety is our number one concern we will make every effort to find the best suited and safest ice caves at each time but as the conditions around and in the glacier, are constantly changing and being shaped by the elements it’s not possible to guarantee that entrance to the ice caves. If such unfortunate situations arise we will make every effort to make other stops, and your experience more enjoyable. As the Northern lights can be very elusive, their sighting cannot be guaranteed but if conditions offer a glimpse of hope we will go on a Northern lights hunt. If we are unable to visit the ice cave there will be a refund in the amount of 10.000.- ISK. If the tour is cancelled by us there is a full refund.
In Iceland all itineraries are designed to be flexible taking weather conditions into account. We reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel it with your safety in mind. All glacier and adventure trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Participants must be aware that all outdoor activities carry an inherit risk and are undertaken entirely at their own risk.

Minimum 2 passengers. Please contact us to check availability before making an online booking if you would like to book for only one person

Please note that the tour is NOT available or fully booked on these dates:

12. January 2018
15. January 2018
17. January 2018
18. January 2018
20. January 2018
25. January 2018
27. January 2018
30. January 2018
03. February 2018
05. February 2018
07. February 2018
08. February 2018
10. February 2018
15. February 2018
17. February 2018
22. February 2018
24. February 2018
10. March 2018
12. March 2018

Book Now
Season: (NOV 15 to MAR 20)
Operates: (Daily)
Departure times: (07:30)
Duration: (14 - 16 hours)
Price Adults: (39900 ISK)
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