Into the Wild - Across the Wilderness - Summer 2024

Explore the best of Icelandic nature with this wonder-packed tour. From Iceland's most famous and popular sights to the deserted Icelandic highlands – you will experience the incredible diversity of Icelandic nature. You will travel off-the-beaten track in a specially outfitted 4X4 mountain coach through the untamed highlands of Iceland, highlighted by the multi-colored mountains of the Landmannalaugar nature reserve, the volcanic Askja area, and the legendary black sands of Sprengisandur. You will also visit major attractions such as Geysir geothermal area, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, and Dettifoss waterfall. You will also enjoy short and easy guided nature walks bringing you closer to Iceland’s natural beauty.
We support Icelandic nature! As part of our pledge to preserve Iceland’s fragile nature, all our escorted tours include carbon offsetting through Kolviđur, the Iceland Carbon Fund (ICF)

• Discover the beauty and power of Iceland’s highland wilderness, a majestic area that few travelers visit
• Visit beloved “must see” natural wonders of the Golden Circle region and the Glacier Lagoon
• Join our expert guide on short walks/hikes that give you more insights into Iceland’s unforgettable natural wonders
• Catch the adventurous spirit with travel on unpaved mountain tracks in a specially outfitted wilderness tour vehicle


Map for Into the Wild - Across the Wilderness - Summer 2024 tour
  • Duration:12 days, 11 nights
  • Season:June 27 to August 22
  • Tour ID:LB03


  • Guided Coach Tour from day 2 to day 11
  • Expert professional English-speaking local guide from day 2 to day 11
  • Free Wi-Fi on board tour vehicle
  • 2 nights in a standard room w/private facilities in Reykjavík
  • 9 nights in a standard room w/private facilities in the countryside
  • 11 Icelandic breakfast buffets (except arrival day)
  • 9 two-course or buffet-style dinners in the countryside
  • 2 packed lunches (day 6 and 8)
  • Zodiac Tour on Fjallsárlón Iceberg Lagoon
  • Entrance to Eric the Red Museum
  • Great photo stops
  • Seat rotation during the tour
  • Customer care service during office hours
  • 24-hour emergency line assistance while you are in Iceland

Not Included

  • Breakfast on arrival day
  • International airfare
  • Baggage porterage at airport/hotel
  • Personal travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Round-trip transfers between Keflavik airport and hotels
  • Beverages, snacks, lunches, dinners unless otherwise noted in itinerary
  • Guaranteed early check-in (check-in time for most hotels in Iceland starts between 14:00 and 16:00 (2:00pm and 4:00pm)
  • Guaranteed late check-out
  • Any service not specifically listed under "included"


Day 1. Arrival

Transfer to Reykjavík is on your own. We recommend the easy and convenient FlyBus Plus transfers. If you are arriving early, a great suggestion is to explore Reykjavik, the largest municipality in Iceland.
Please note guaranteed early check-in is not included in the price. Most hotels begin check-in between 14:00 and 16:00 (2:00pm and 4:00pm).

Overnight stay in Reykjavik.
Dinner on your own.

Day 2. Ţingvellir National Park - Golden Waterfalls - Geysir geothermal area

The first day begins with a visit to Thingvellir National Park, the ancient site of the world’s first parliament. Here you can see the dramatic continental drift between the North-American and Eurasian tectonic plates. An hour’s drive away, the popular Geysir geothermal area awaits. The most active geyser, Strokkur, shoots water high into the air every few minutes, but you’ll also witness several other boiling pools and hot springs.
Then you will head onwards to Iceland’s most popular waterfall, the impressive two-stage Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”).

Ţingvellir National Park – the site of the world's first parliament and a true gem of nature, where tectonic plates meet and Iceland's largest lake has its home
Geysir – a geothermal wonder, home to sulphurous bubbling pools, hot springs and geysers that erupt high into the air every few minutes
Gullfoss – one of Iceland's most magnificent waterfalls

• Dinner and an overnight stay in the Hella area

Day 3. Hvolsvöllur - Town of Vík - Dyrhólaey nature reserve - Kirkjubćjarklaustur town

Start the day by driving along the highway, making a stop at two impressive waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. Head to the black sand beaches to enjoy the far-reaching views from Dyrholaey headland, where thousands of puffins and other seabirds nest (puffins generally seen between May and mid-August). Enjoy a stop in the quaint village of Vik before crossing the Myrdalssandur volcanic ash outwash plains created by flowing water from nearby glaciers. The day ends after passing through the vast Eldhraun lava field, the world’s largest recorded single lava flow in the last 10.000 years.

Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss – two of Iceland's most famous waterfalls
Dyrhólaey – the southern headland where puffins nest in their thousands
Vík – Iceland's southernmost village set in picturesque and peaceful surroundings
Mýrdalssandur plains – which run below the dramatic Katla volcano
Eldhraun lava field - an enormous expanse of lava created by one of the biggest eruptions in history

• Dinner and two nights in Kirkjubćjarklaustur area

Day 4. Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon and Skaftafell

The day starts with a drive through beautiful scenery towards Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe. You will also get a view of Hvannadalshnjukur, the country´s highest peak. The highlight of the day will surely be the Fjallsarlon Lagoon and Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, where huge icebergs dance around in icy seawater. Experience this stunning sight up close on a Zodiac tour among Fjallsarlon Lagoon’s icebergs. You will also view the much-photographed Diamond Beach area, where glittering shards of ice rest on a black sand beach. Continuing on your way, pass by several outlet glaciers from Vatnajokull, visiting at least one of them. Along the route you also will get magnificent views of Skaftafell, a glacier-crowned wonderland within Vatnajökull National Park.

• The stunning landscape on the way to Vatnajokull – the largest glacier in Europe
• Views of Örćfajökull volcano and Hvannadalshnjúkur – Iceland's highest peak
Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon – one of Iceland's most popular natural treasures, featuring stunning icebergs that float in the freezing blue water (a boat tour around the lagoon is an optional extra)

• Dinner and overnight stay in Kirkjubćjarklaustur area

Day 5. Landmannalaugar Highland Paradise

It’s finally time to leave the asphalt behind and meander along the Fjallabaksleid interior track to Landmannalaugar, an astonishing area surrounded by colourful rhyolite mountains. The surreal beauty of the uninhabited interior reveals deep valleys and sculptured mountains, many formed in volcanic eruptions under glaciers during the Ice Age.

After a nice walk (optional) enjoy a relaxing swim in a warm brook created by the convergence of hot and cold springs.
Head to Thjorsardalur, a scenic valley that holds Iceland’s longest river. The valley is perched just on the edge of the highland wilderness.

• The Fjallabaksleiđ track leads you to Landmannalaugar – one of Iceland's most popular and breath-taking areas of natural beauty
• You will experience a stunning volcanic landscape of valleys and mountains – featuring amazing colours, rhyolite mountains and moss covered scenery
• Experience the area's rich geothermal activity first-hand by bathing in a natural hot spring

• Dinner and an overnight stay in the Ţjórsárdalur area.

Note: Today some of the roads will be bumpy since you’re on highland wilderness tracks, but it’s all part of the adventure! The views will be amazing!

Day 6. Sprengisandur Highland Route

Today, wilderness adventure awaits! It’s time to head north through the very heart of Iceland. Discover hidden treasures of Iceland’s uninhabited interior along the Sprengisandur highland route, a vast, barren, black desert connecting Iceland´s north and south. With only rough tracks and un-bridged glacial rivers, your group will rely on your experienced driver to navigate the rugged passage between the glaciers. This is a true taste of Iceland‘s wild side—bumpy roads and driving through rivers are a part of the experience! You’ll also discover how this route holds legends and ghost stories. It is even inspiration for one of the country’s most famous folk songs!

Emerge back into “civilization” in North Iceland, where the landscape is very different from the southern region. Head to the Myvatn area for your overnight.
(Note: If Sprengisandur is closed due to road conditions, your group will take the Kjolur highland route instead.)

• The Sprengisandur track takes you through a vast desert of black sand between the North and the South
• Experience the rugged heart of Icelandic nature – including glacial rivers and off-road tracks – as you make your way past magnificent glaciers
• View of the mountain Herdubreid - Iceland’s Queen of Mountains

• Dinner and first of two overnight stays in the Lake Mývatn area

Note: Today some of the roads will be bumpy since you’re on highland wilderness tracks, but it’s all part of the adventure! The views will be amazing!

Day 7. Lake Mývatn – Dettifoss – Ásbyrgi Canyon – Tjörnes

Today you will visit the northern part of Vatnajokull National Park, as well as Lake Myvatn. Travel to the unforgettable Lake Myvatn area, a geological wonderland and paradise for bird watchers. Some of the most visually bizarre attractions in the region include the colorful boiling mud pits of Hverarond and the surreal steaming slopes of Namaskard. The journey continues to Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, located in the awe-inspiring Jokulsargljufur canyon. Discover the impressive 100 meter (328 feet) high walls of the horseshoe-shaped canyon of Asbyrgi. According to Norse mythology, the canyon is the hoof-print left by Sleipnir, the magical eight-legged horse of the pagan god Odinn. Drive around the Tjornes peninsula, the northernmost point of your journey. In the afternoon visit the pretty fishing village of Husavik to get a glimpse of local life before returning to your accommodation.

Lake Mývatn – a geological and bird-watching paradise, featuring the Hverarönd mud pits and Námaskarđ
Dettifoss – the most powerful waterfall in Europe, located in the breath-taking Jokulsargljufur canyon
Ásbyrgi National Park - a horseshoe-shaped canyon full of amazing vegetation
Húsavík and the Tjörnes peninsula – the northernmost point of your trip

• Dinner and overnight stay in the Lake Mývatn area

Day 8. Askja Caldera

Today, you will be visiting the Askja caldera (a sunken crater) located in Vatnajokull National Park’s Odadahraun desert area. Askja’s geographic isolation and otherworldly terrain are reasons why NASA leaders used it as a training site for astronauts who went on moon missions in the 1960s and 1970s. View the vast Askja caldera, formed by a volcanic eruption during the last Ice Age. You will also take a walk to see the mountain-ringed Lake Askja and the crater called Víti. Standing at the edge of Viti crater and viewing its vast size and the brilliantly turquoise water is an amazing experience. During the day you will also visit Drekagil, the Dragon Valley.

Lake Askja - formed by a powerful 19th century volcanic eruption.
Viti - “the gate to Hell”, an imposing crater
Drekagil - famous for its strangely shaped lava formations.

• Dinner and overnight stay in the Lake Mývatn area

Note: Today some of the roads will be bumpy since you’re on highland wilderness tracks, but it’s all part of the adventure! The views will be amazing!

Day 9. Along the Arctic Coast Way

Today, your route takes you along the Arctic Coast Way, which focuses on the enchanting and wild wonders bordering the Arctic Circle. The route takes you alongside the beautiful coastline and tranquil villages, a contrast to the rugged majesty of the highlands you’ve enjoyed the last few days.
Start the adventure today with a visit to Godafoss, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the country. (The name means “Waterfall of the Gods,) Continue to Akureyri, the vibrant “Capital of the North”. Enjoy some free time to explore this colourful and charming town. Travel on the Troll Peninsula (Trollaskagi), where steep mountains meet the vast Arctic Ocean. You will also enjoy the views of tiny and colorful fishing villages cradled in the magnificent setting. One of these villages is Siglufjordur, site of an interesting 20th century herring “gold rush.” The route then continues to the Skagafjordur area, known as the traditional heart of horse breeding in Iceland. This fjord also holds many historical sites from the classic Viking-age Sagas.

Gođafoss – one of Iceland's most popular waterfalls
Akureyri - Iceland's second largest city, which offers endless cultural and relaxation activities, from the geothermal pool to the many galleries, shops and restaurants
Troll Peninsula (Trollaskagi) - where the rugged rocks indeed look like frozen trolls.
• The Skagafjörđur area – famous for its horse breeding and connections to the Sagas, with great scenery for an inspiring walk

• Dinner and overnight stay in the Laugarbakki area

Optional activity – You MUST book and pay for this activity in advance to ensure a spot for you. Let us know during the booking process if you would like add this activity.

Forest Lagoon Geothermal Bath – Soak in the naturally hot pools while enjoying the spectacular forest and fjord view | Duration: flexible | Includes: Bathing fee and towel | Not included: Swimsuit rental

Day 10. Vatnsnes Peninsula - Hvammstangi – Eiriksstadir

Your journey continues around Vatnsnes Peninsula, which contains the extraordinary rock formation of Hvitserkur, a 15 meter (49 feet) tall cliff jutting out straight from the sea. You might even see seals resting close to the beach. In the afternoon, drive through rolling farmlands, across Laxardalsheidi heath and into Western Iceland. Visit to the Viking Age house at Eiriksstadir. This was the original homestead of Erik the Red and the birthplace of his son Leif Eiriksson. These men are two of the most legendary Vikings. In a replica of a grass-roofed house, meet modern day Vikings who will demonstrate the lifestyle from 1000 years ago, sharing their crafts and knowledge.

• A drive through picturesque farmland and across Laxardalsheiđi heath
Eiríksstađir - the home of the Erik the Red and birthplace of Leif Eiriksson, Eiríksstađir offers the chance to experience the crafts and lifestyle of Viking times.

• Dinner and an overnight stay in Snćfellsnes area

Day 11. Snćfellsjökull National Park

Today is spent exploring the amazing variety of natural landscapes in Snaefellsjokull National Park. The park‘s crown jewel is Snaefellsjokull glacier itself, which covers a dormant volcano that last erupted in 250 AD. Walk along the uniquely pebbled seascape of Djupalonssandur beach. At the picturesque harbour village of Arnarstapi, you can observe magnificent basalt rock in stacked formations and take a walk along the unique hiking trail linking the settlements of Arnarstapi and Hellnar. Afterwards the journey leads back to Reykjavik, where the tour ends.

Snćfellsjökull glacier – a magnificent glacier covering a dormant volcano
Kirkjufell - one of the most photographed mountains in Iceland
Djúpalonssandur beach - a peaceful walk along the pebbled coastline
Arnarstapi – a charming harbour village famous for its dramatic basalt rock formations
• A inspiring hike along the track between Arnarstapi and Hellnar

• Dinner on your own. Overnight in Reykjavík.

Day 12. Departure

Breakfast at your hotel. Please note that this might be a light breakfast if you are taking an early morning departure flight.

Transfer to the airport not included, but we would be happy to book a transfer for you. We recommend departing your hotel no later than three hours before your international flight.

Tour Dates

July 04, 2024 English Max group size 24 passengers
July 11, 2024 English, French Sold out Max group size 24 passengers
August 01, 2024 English, French Sold out Max group size 24 passengers
August 22, 2024 English, French Sold out Max group size 24 passengers

Price Information

June 27, 2024 - August 22, 2024:
Price per person in Double/Twin room 767051 ISK (5617 USD)
Price per person in Single room 933484 ISK (6836 USD)

Payments & Terms

  • 10% Deposit
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Time of cancellation for individual traveller(s):
  • 8 weeks (56 days) and more than 11 days prior to arrival: deposit (10%) charged
  • 10 days and more than 72 hours: 75% charged
  • 72 hours' notice and less: 100% charged

Other Information

Maximum group size: 24 persons
Minimum group size: 3

Activity Level: Easy
Languages: English, French
Minimum age: 8 years
Duration: 12 days/11 nights

Good to Know: Generally, on Day 2 – 11 there will be no more than 45 minutes to one-hour driving between each tour stop. You will generally arrive at each night’s accommodation in the late afternoon.

Please note: that good trekking shoes/hiking shoes are required for this tour, as some of the walking is on unpaved, sometimes uneven surfaces
• We reserves the right to guide these tour departures as bilingual English/French tours to ensure an optimal group size
• We reserve the right to alter routes without prior notice, due to road conditions
• Please advise us at booking time if you have food allergies or dietary preferences
• A minimum of 3 participants is required to guarantee each departure

This tour stays in comfort-level hotels with private bathrooms. These hotels are well situated to enjoy the beautiful places your group will explore. Most of the groups stay at the following hotels. Please note this is an advised hotel list and subject to change.

Day 1 – Hotel Klettur

Day 2 – Stracta Hotel

Day 3 & 4 – Magma Hotel

Day 5 – Hrauneyjar Highland Hotel

Day 6 – 8 – Country Hotel Narfastadir

Day 9 – Laugarbakki Hotel

Day 10 – Hotel Stykkisholmur

Day 11 – Hotel Klettur

Optional activity:
You MUST book and pay for this activity in advance to ensure a spot for you. Let us know during the booking process if you would like add this activity.
Forest Lagoon Geothermal Spa – Soak in the naturally hot pools while enjoying the spectacular forest and fjord view | Duration: flexible | Includes: Bathing fee and towel | Not included: Swimsuit rental

Please note: that this tour books up quickly and therefore we recommend to book with advance. An update on availability may not appear immediately at our website after the tour fills up. Kindly contact us to check for availability before making an online booking.

Travel Tips
* Some people like to bring hiking poles, though they are not required.
* We also suggest bringing a mosquito/fly head net as there can be harmless midges around Lake Myvatn. It‘s not required, but some visitors have found it more comfortable.

Children 8-11 years sharing a room and/or traveling with a guardian will receive 25% discount from the listed price, valid when one child shares a double room with 2 adults.
Children 12 years and older pay full price as adults.
It is not recommended that children 0-8 years old travel on scheduled tours.

A non refundable deposit of 10%, of the total package price should reach Iceland Road Trip within 3 days of confirmation of booking and full payment not later than 8 weeks prior to tour departure. In case of delay on payments, Iceland Road Trip will reserve the right to treat this as a cancellation and withdraw its confirmation of the services.

Every detail regarding the booking must be included, in order for Iceland Road Trip to ensure efficiency, including the passengers name, flight information, all accommodation, tours and other services.

Travel Insurance:
To avoid dispute in case of cancellation, we strongly recommend that our clients purchase a comprehensive travel insurance in their home country, that covers your cost should you have to cancel your tour. This kind of travel insurance is usually not expensive and it frequently covers other risks too.

Prices may change without prior notice. If an incorrect price has been listed, we reserve the right to refuse, cancel or limit any order placed at the incorrect price.

Number of Passengers

Please select your details here above to calculate your price.



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