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Here you will find all Iceland self drive tours or road trip we offer listed regardless of its theme. Explore all the vacation packages below or use the theme tabs above to choose a specific theme of your self drive tour. We are able to customize all self drive tour packages to better suit the needs and desires of our clients so feel free to contact us if you have your own ideas and we will put together an itinerary accordingly. You can rely on the Iceland Road Trip team to help create everlasting memories of a great Iceland vacation.

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March 19, 2024

A great road trip in Iceland
My wife and I did the 8-day self-driving tour. We really loved this tour. It was off season. Going around the east and north coast, we felt like we...
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November 15, 2023

Best vacation ever!
We had the best trip of our life. We were guided so well with our guide. The rooms they found us were beyond our dreams, we were never without guidance and ...
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October 13, 2023

Beyond Amazing!!
My husband and I took the 14-day tour to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We like to be on our own and do things at our own pace. Many folks we know planned t...
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October 03, 2023

"Fantastic way to see such a stunning country."
We have just returned from an 11 day road trip around the golden circle of Iceland which we booked through Iceland Road Trip. T...
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What car type is recommended for my road trip around Iceland?

Summer Travel (mid-May to mid-September):
For summer trips, when road conditions are generally favorable, any car type is suitable for exploring Iceland, provided you are not planning to venture into the highlands. Standard vehicles are perfectly adequate for the paved and well-maintained roads found throughout the country during this season.

Winter Travel (mid-September to mid-May):
During winter months, a 4x4 vehicle is strongly recommended due to the possibility of encountering snow and icy conditions. A 4x4 vehicle provides better traction and stability, essential for safe driving in winter weather.

Highland Tours:
For tours in the highlands, regardless of the season, a larger 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended. While smaller 4x4s are permitted on highland roads, larger 4x4 vehicles are much better equipped to handle the challenging terrain and conditions typically found in these areas. These vehicles offer higher ground clearance, which is crucial for navigating the rough gravel roads and fording rivers that characterize highland routes. Using a larger 4x4 minimizes the risk of damage to the vehicle and ensures a safer and more comfortable journey for you and your companions.

What is a self-drive tour?

A self-drive tour is a type of travel where you drive yourself in a rental car, following a suggested pre-planned itinerary. This itinerary is filled with detailed information about various attractions along your route in Iceland, including directions and insights on how to reach each site.

One of the major benefits of a self-drive tour is the flexibility it offers. You can follow the suggested route as closely or as loosely as you prefer, allowing you to explore at your own pace. The itinerary provides written directions and a marked map with all accommodations and attractions clearly laid out, making navigation easy.

All rental cars come equipped with WiFi, enabling you to use Google Maps and other online resources on your phone for additional guidance. We offer a wide range of self-drive tour packages year-round, varying in duration and the attractions included. If you have specific requests or need customizations to the itinerary, we are more than happy to accommodate them to ensure your trip suits your preferences perfectly.

When is the best time to do a self-drive tour in Iceland?

The best time for a self-drive tour in Iceland depends on the experiences you seek:

High Season: This is the most popular time to visit, featuring mild weather and nearly 24 hours of daylight in , known as the midnight sun.
Accessibility: All highland roads are open, allowing access to remote and scenic areas.
Activities: Ideal for hiking, sightseeing, and exploring a wide range of natural attractions.

Northern Lights: The winter months are perfect for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights.
Tranquility: Enjoy the serene beauty of Iceland with fewer tourists and less crowded attractions. Unique Landscapes: Winter transforms the landscape into a snowy wonderland, ideal for ice cave tours.

Choosing between summer and winter for your self-drive tour depends on whether you prefer the endless daylight and accessibility of summer or the tranquility and Northern Lights opportunities of winter.

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