The Nature Baths (What To Do - North East)

The Nature Baths (What To Do - North East)
Jarğböğin viğ Mıvatn or The Nature Baths at Lake Myvatn area offer an exceptional bathing experiences. The water feeding the lagoon comes from a borehole at the nearby geothermal power station so it is very similar to the Blue Lagoon in terms of where the water comes from and how this place came to be . The water contains variety of minerals and due to its chemical composition, chloride and other chemicals are not needed to keep the lagoon clean and many of the elements the water holds, have proven to have soothing effect on some skin disorders.

Relaxing in the cosy, geothermal waters after a day of sightseeing is a must, if you are staying in or passing by the area. The facility also houses a restaurant, where you can get lunch and dinner and on hot summer days you can enjoy your refreshments outside.

The Nature baths are open from 12:00 – 22:00 all year. In winter, you might even be so lucky to be able to float in the mineral rich waters with the amazing Northern Lights hovering in the night sky.
If you want to visit the Myvatn nature baths or other similar geothermal baths in your next visit to Iceland, please contact us and we are happy to put together an itinerary for you, including a visit to those baths

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