Whale Watching from Húsavík (What To Do - North East)

Whale Watching from Húsavík (What To Do - North East)
Húsavík Town is often referred to as the Whale Wathing capital of Iceland. Here you can join a 3 hour Whale Watching tour on Skjálfandi Bay with whale sightings on over 90% of the tours. The tours are operated in traditional old oak boats and on a typical tour, you can expect to see whales, dolphins and seabirds. The most common whale is the Minke Whale and lately Humpback Whales have been an increasingly common sighting. The largest animal in the world is the Blue Whale and it can occasionally be spotted on the tour but generally only in early summer. The dolphins you might expect to see are the White-Beaked Dolphin and Harbor Porpoise.
This tour is suitable for people of all ages and children absolutely love seeing these giants of the see in their natural habitat.

Hot chocolate and cinnamon buns are included and even some hats, gloves, raincoats and blankets to keep you warm, dry and comfortable are provided.
This tour is available from 1. March to 30. November with several departures each day. We recommend booking this tour in advance.

If you would like to add whale watching to your tour of Iceland, Húsavík town is a great spot for such activity. We can arrange this and other similar whale watching tours around Iceland. Just contact us for price and we will figure out the best place and time to include whale watching in your itinerary.

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