The Glacier Lagoon - Amphibian Boat Tour (What To Do - South East)

The Glacier Lagoon - Amphibian Boat Tour (What To Do - South East)
Jökulsárlón, or The Glacier Lagoon is located just off the circular highway, not far from Skaftafell and is one of Iceland´s most visited attraction. This is truly a photographers paradise. This is a 30-40 minute English guided amphibion boat tour, sailing amongst the huge blocks of ice, floating in the lagoon towards the sea in a spectacular display. Oftentimes these huge boulders of ice can be seen tumble in the lagoon. You might even be lucky enough to see some seals swimming around.

This short tour is a must do for by passers and is suitable for people of all ages and great for families. The short duration makes this an ideal activity for anyone doing a self drive tour and passing by the lagoon.

Close by, you will find the so called Diamond Beach, that derives its name from the chunks of ice, scattered around the black sand beach.

This tour is only available in summer as the lagoon freezes over in winter. In summer, this tour is available as a part of a sightseeing tour of the south coast.

There are several departures every day. There is also a Zodiac boat tour available at the lagoon.

Please contact us for prices and booking.

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