Glacier Walk (What To Do - South West)

Glacier Walk (What To Do - South West)
Iceland, with its many glaciers is a perfect place for guided glacier walks. The glaciers that are accessible on foot are all on located on the South coast of Iceland. One of them is Sˇlheimaj÷kull Glacier, which is a glacial tongue or an outlet glacier, reaching out of the larger Mřrdalsj÷kull Glacier

Enjoy a two hour, adventurous glacier walk on Sˇlheimaj÷kull glacier. From the nearby parking lot, there is only a 15 to 20 minute walk to the beautiful glacier edge with it┤s rugged terrain, crevasses and ice ridges. We hold a short safety briefing, before continuing on to the glacier for some fun and exciting experiences. The glacier walk is suitable for anyone as it is an easy and safe activity with highly experienced glacier guides. On clear days, the views from the glacier are simply astonishing.

The tour is available daily all year round. If you are staying in Reykjavik and don't have a car, this tour is also available with a transfer from Reykjavik. Like this tour here:
DT105 - Take A Walk on The Ice Side
This guided glacier walk and other longer glacier walks and even ice climbing can be added to your Iceland itinerary. Contact us and let us help you plan your tour to make the most of your time in Iceland and let you experience all the fun things Iceland has to offer.

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