LAVA Centre (What To Do - South West)

LAVA Centre (What To Do - South West)
Iceland is often referred to as the land of Ice and Fire and rightfully so. On average we have a volcanic eruption every 5 years. Some eruptions can be quite violent and even cause trouble for air traffic around the world as happened in the last eruption of Eyjafjallaj÷kull in 2010, while other eruptions are smaller and allow for up close viewing, which for most travelers is a once in a lifetime experience.

At the Lava Center, you can examine the various volcanic eruptions and lava flows, volcanic and rift systems, faults and glacial floods that make Iceland a showcase of volcanism and explains the natural beauty of Iceland.

The centre introduces the Katla Geopark plus Iceland's elaborate monitoring system for surveying volcanoes and earthquake zones.

LAVA - Iceland Volcano and Earthquake Centre is an interactive display of nature's epic forces that shape our planet and created Iceland. At The Lava centre you will find the following.

- Volcano Corridor

- Geology Globe

- Earthquake Corridor

- The Fiery Heart of Iceland

- Lava Corridor

- Intro to Volcanology

- Ash Corridor

- Site of Actual Volcanoes

The Lava Centre is open from 09:00-16:00 daily. Please contact us for prices and booking.

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