The Settlement Center (What To Do - West)

The Settlement Center (What To Do - West)
The Settlement Exhibition

This exhibition provides an insight into the settlement of Iceland. It tells how the land was discovered, how the Viking sailors conquered the open ocean and why they left their homelands in Norway. It tells of the first men to set foot on the island and how the land was settled and up to the establishment of the first parliament in the world, the Al■ingi, at Ůingvellir in 930 AD.

The Saga Exhibition

This exhibition covers the Saga of Egill SkallagrÝmsson, son of SkallagrÝmur Kveld˙lfsson who was one of the first settlers of Iceland. Therefore, the Saga Exhibition provides a window into the family clans as they settle in Iceland. Egill SkallagrÝmsson himself was a very colorful character, with a sensitive side but also known as a ruthless viking. The saga is one of fierce battles, magic, love affairs and witchcraft.

Guests are provided with headphones to guide them (In 15 different languages) through the exhibitions.

On location there is a family friendly restaurant for guests, to enjoy lunch, dinner or refreshments.

The Settlement Center is open from 10:00-17:00

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