Viking Sushi Boat Tour (What To Do - West)

Viking Sushi Boat Tour (What To Do - West)
An excellent chance not only to explore the magnificent bird life and islands of Brei­afj÷r­ur Bay, but also to taste fresh Scallops right from the sea. On this boat ride, you will see some of the beautiful islands of Brei­afj÷r­ur Bay, various types of sea birds ľ especially popular are the Puffins, which are seen around Iceland from late April to mid-August. After about 40 minutes of sailing, a shellfish plough will be lowered into ocean and selection of shellfish and sea life caught, for viewing and tasting, such as Scallops, Sea Urchins, Crabs, Starfish, Sea Cucumbers and more. Some of these are possible to eat fresh, for example Scallops and Sea Urchins. Soya sauce, wasabi, lemon and ginger is offered on board. As you head back to Stykkishˇlmur harbour, you will sail around more islands and look for white-tailed eagles.
The tour is available from mid May to late September departing from Stykkishˇlmur Town on the SnŠfellsnes Peninsula. The tour takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes
Contact us for prices and booking of this tour. It can be added to many of our tried and tested road trip itineraries but we also customize a package if our premade itineraries don't fit what you have in mind.

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