Dj˙pivogur Town (What To See - East)

Dj˙pivogur Town (What To See - East)
Dj˙pivogur is a very small town in East Iceland, located by the fjord Hamarsfj÷r­ur Fjord, with a population of around 350 inhabitants. It is more than 400 years old fishing and trading town, due to it┤s good natural harbor conditions. Due to it┤s long history of trade, dating back to German merchants in 1589 you will find older houses such as Langab˙­, dating back to 1790. The building has served several purposes during the years such as warehouse and slaughter house but today serves as the cultural center of Dj˙pivogur. By the harbor you will find Gle­ivÝk Cove and the outdoor artwork named Eggin Ý Gle­ivÝk by the visual artist Sigur­ur Gu­mundsson these are 34 large eggs made out of granite, each representing a local bird. In the year 2013 Dj˙pivogur was the first community in Iceland to adopt the Cittaslow philosophy. Cittaslow is an international organization of municipalities that focus on promoting humanity, local uniqueness, conserving nature, sustainability and living slow.

Nearby attractions

Near the town is the magnificent mountain B˙landstindur, which is a beautiful pyramid shape. The town is located near to Papey Island, which is believed to be a place which was inhabited by Irish monks during the first years of settlement more than 1100 years ago, so perhaps the first settlers were in fact Irish monks rather than Nordic Vikings. Boat tours to Papey Island used to be available from Dj˙pivogur but has now ceased operation. The island is uninhabited today but in summer, it is inhabited by thousands of nesting seabirds, especially Puffins.

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