Egilsstašir Town (What To See - East)

Egilsstašir Town (What To See - East)
Egilsstašir is sometimes referred to as the hub of the east. Egilsstašir is the largest town in Eastern Iceland with a population of about 2,500 people. The town is located in the scenic Fljótsdalshéraš Valley by the north shore of Lake Lagarfljót. Egilsstašir has grown to become the largest town of East Iceland and it is today a center for transportation, administration and education in the eastern part of Iceland.


The town has a good airport and there are scheduled direct flights to and from Reykjavķk. Egilsstašir is a popular place with tourists and there are several hotels at Egilsstašir as well as restaurants. There is a popular public outdoor swimming pool at Egilsstašir There is also a hospital at Egilsstašir. Egilsstašir sits on the eastern shore of Lake Lagarfljót.

The surroundings

There is a bridge across Lake Lagarfljót at Egilsstašir and across the bridge is it“s sister town called Fellabęr with close to 500 inhabitants. A short distance from Fellabęr is Vök, a popular bathing spot on the lakeshore of Lake Urrišavatn where natural hot water from the ground has been harnessed to create a unique bathing spot. It is located less than 5 minutes drive from Egilsstašir town. Egilsstašir and its surroundings offer great hiking and walking trails. Just above the Slįturhśs Culture Centre, there is a viewpoint that enables you to get better acquainted with the landscape of the Fljótsdalshéraš Valley. The visitors centre at Egilsstašir offers information on what to see and do in the area. A short distance east of Egilsstašir is the river Eyvindarį. A farm on the river banks with the same name, traces its roots prior to the year 1000. The burial mound of the saga legend Helgi Droplaugarson, and ruins that are believed to be the ruins of his historic abode are still to be seen at Eyvindarį.

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