Stöðvarfjörður Fjord (What To See - East)

Stöðvarfjörður Fjord (What To See - East)
Stöðvarfjörður is an alluring town named after the beautiful fjord in which it lays. It is the southernmost settlement in the Fjarðabyggð community and the population is close to 200 people. The main industries are fishing and textile products as well as tourism. Stöðvarfjörður has a harbor, mostly used by smaller fishing vessels. A major attraction to visitors to Stöðvarfjörður town is the Petra mineral collection, which contains thousands of stones and minerals deposited by nature and collected by a fascinating woman named Petra Sveinsdóttir. Her home and garden are now a setting for various kinds of treasures, mostly collected in the surrounding mountains. Another attraction in Stöðvarfjörður is Kirkjubær, which used to be a church but has now been refurnished as a guesthouse. Stöðvarfjörður is directly on the main highway number 1 that runs right through the town. The panorama mountain view from the village is magnificent.

Nearby attractions

To the south of the town rises the mountain Súlur and to the north is the towering peak called Steðji. Enroute from Stöðvarfjörður to Fáskrúðsfjörður is an interesting natural phenomenon called Saxa. Saxa means „ the grinder“. It is an opening in a sea cliff and when the wind blows from the east, the sea water is blown through the cliff and high up into the air like a geyser. There are some interesting hiking routes in Stöðvarfjörður for example in Jafnadalur valley where you will find a beautiful rock arch. Archaeological investigation in Stöðvarfjörður has revealed two Viking-age longhouses, built shortly after the year 800.

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