Hveravellir (What To See - Highlands)

Hveravellir (What To See - Highlands)

The Highland Trails

When driving the highland route, Kj÷lur og Kjalvegur route as it is also called, Hveravellir is the main site. Kjalvegur is one of two highland routes crossing Iceland between south and north. The other route is called Sprengisandur and is a longer and a more demanding drive.

Geothermal Activity and Hot Pool

Hveravellir is a geothermal area with various coloured hot pools and fumaroles about 630 metres above sea level, offering exceptional views of Langj÷kull and Hofsj÷kull Glaciers in good weather and visibility. You will find mountain huts and a small service centre in Hveravellir. It is ideal to walk around the area and explore the otherworldly environment and take a bath in the natural geothermal pool. The hot pool at Hveravellir is a part of a small warm stream and the temperature varies but usually it is a very pleaseant bathing temperature. A small dam has been built that created a pool in the stream. This is a great plase to sit and relax after a hike in the area but there are some interesting hiking routes here. Close to the pool are numerous colourful hot springs and steam vents where sulfur and other minerals from the water has accumulated around the springs. Most of the hot springs have a name, among them and aptly named, GrŠnihver (The Green spring) Blßihver (The Blue Spring), Rau­ihver (The Red Spring) and there are many more that have a name. There is also a high concentration of Silica around the geothermal area at Hveravellir where Geyserite has formed Around the springs.


The water temperature in the springs varies but most of them are very hot, - close to 100 C. This means it it a good idea to be careful and watch your steps when walking through the area and stay on the path whenever possible and take children by the hand through the hot spring area.

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