Kaldidalur Mountain Road (What To See - Highlands)

Kaldidalur Mountain Road (What To See - Highlands)
Kaldidalur Mountain road is the shortest of highland tracks traversing the interior of Iceland, connecting Žingvellir area in the south to the Borgarfjöršur district in the west. The road number is 550, but for Icelanders it is simply referred to as Kaldidalur or Kaldadalsvegur. The road is a rough gravel road and is only passable during summer but closes due to snow in the fall. The name of the route derives from the valley it passes and literally means Cold Valley and no wonder as there is not much vegetation and the track goes between Žórisjökull and Ok glaciers and is located to the west of the shield volcano Skjaldbreišur, often covered in snow.

One of the highest mountain roads

At its highest point it reaches over 727 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest mountain roads in Iceland. Due to it“s high elevation means that it and opens in late summer and closes early in the fall. This highland track was at first, just a trail meant for horses and particularly used by those traveling to and from the parliament, which was for centuries held at Žingvellir every summer. Later as cars became more common, the route was improved to allow them to pass. The road or rather track has no unbridged river crossings but however, it is only meant for 4x4 vehicles. Kaldidalur is no longer categorized as a F road like it was just few years ago. If you are not comfortable with driving into the highlands and crossing unbridged rivers, but still would like to catch a glimpse of the highlands, the Kaldidalur track would be a good place to start, as it is rather easy to traverse, given that you have the right type of vehicle. On a good day, the views of surroundings along the route are fantastic.

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