Lake Frostastašavatn (What To See - Highlands)

Lake Frostastašavatn (What To See - Highlands)
Froststastašavatn is a blue lake situated behind the Rhyolite Ridge just north of the wardens’ hut at Landmannalaugar. It is located close to the junction of two popular highland routes, the so called Fjallabaksleiš Nyršri, F 208 and Landmannaleiš, F 225. The roads to Frostastašavant are unpaved and a 4x4 vehicle is needed to get there. The lake covers approximately 2,5 sq km. and like many highland lakes in Iceland, it is rich with trout / arctic char but occasionall brown trout is caught there as well and is very popular with anglers. The lake lies about 570 meters above sea level and the average depth is about 6 meters. A fishing permit is required for fishing in the lake and is available at Landmannahellir.

Nearby attractions

You can hike the ridge for exceptional views over intriguing rock formations and the moss-covered black lava fields. The lake is surrounded with lava fields and breathtakingly colourful rhyloite mountains. There are numerous hiking opportunities in the vicinity of the lake and for example the hiking distance between Landmannalaugar and the lake is about 6 km and would take approximately 3 – 4 hours. The area around the lake is very spectacular and is extrmely popular with photographers. The GPS coordinates are 64.024448, -19.048941

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