Hverfell Crater (What To See - North East)

Hverfell Crater (What To See - North East)
Hverfell, also known as Hverfjall is an impressive 130 meter deep cone shaped explosion crater with a diameter of one kilometre making it one of the largest explosion craters of its kind in the world. It´s highest peak is 452 meters above sea level. It was formed in an explosive eruption about 2,500 years ago just east of Lake Mývatn and tephra from the crater has been carried from the crater all over the Lake Mývatn area. It is believed that at the time the eruption occurred, magma came in contact with water. When magma comes in contact with water and cool quickly, it is torn apart in steam explosions and pulverizes to make ash and sand like materials that piles up around the crater to make cone shaped craters like Hverfjall. The eruption is believed to have lasted ony a short time.

Visiting Hverfell

Hverfell is a monumental landmark well worth the visit. There is a road to Hverfjall from the Ring Road a short distance south of the farm Vogar. The road is rough and often impassable in winter. Hverfjall is protected as a natural monument and the rim of the crater is only accessible by two paths, from the south and from the northwest and for environmental reasons it is strictly forbidden to leave these paths while hiking or to use other routes for climbing. Once you have hiked to the top of Hverfell you will be rewarded with a magnificent scenery of near and far mountains.

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