Hvítserkur Cliff (What To See - North West)

Hvítserkur Cliff (What To See - North West)
Hvítserkur is an impressive, 15 meter (49 ft) high cliff, remotely located on the east coast of Vatnsnes Peninsula in the northern part of Iceland. The name translates to Long White Shirt, the white color stems from the droppings left by the sea birds that nest on the cliff every summer. People interested in birds can expect to see several species of seagulls and occasionally Puffins during the nesting season. Legend has it, that the cliff was once a troll that intended to destroy the church at Ţingeyrar which is located close by. The Troll was apparently very annoyed with the humans that were constantly ringing the church bells and not allowing him a good "days" sleep. However the journey took longer than expected and before the troll could execute its plan, the sun rose on the horizon turning the troll into stone.

Nearby attractions and access

Seals are also often spotted close by but there is a large colony of seals around the coast of the Vatnsnes Peninsula. Hvítserkur Cliff is a bit off the main circular highway, located on road number 711, but from the parking lot there is only a short walk to the main viewing platform. This beautiful cliff, eroded by sea, rain, and winds is well worth the visit for those traveling in the area.

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