Siglufjörður Town (What To See - North West)

Siglufjörður Town (What To See - North West)
Siglufjörður is the northernmost town in Iceland with a population of 1300 and is named after the fjord where it is nestled. Siglufjörður is an exceptionally scenic, quiet town, surrounded by marvelous towering mountains.


The town is a popular destination for skiers in winter. For the more adventurous skier, you can also go Heli-Skiing where a Helicopter takes you to one of the many slopes on the mountains surrounding Siglufjörður. An added bonus are the spectacular views from the helicopter and scenic rides towards the bottom of the fjord. In summer, Siglufjörður is an ideal place to get a break from the fast paced life, to relax and enjoy the charming seaside town and its surrounding nature.

How to get to Siglufjörður

Until 1967 when Strákagöng tunnel, the first underground tunnel in Iceland, was built, the town was quite isolated from the rest of Iceland during winter due to heavy snow conditions on the mountain pass, that frequently made the roads to Siglufjörður impassable. In 2010, Héðinsfjarðargöng, a new tunnel was opened, making a much better and safer road connections with the rest of Iceland. The importance of the year-round access was mainly due to the fact that Siglufjörður is one of Iceland´s most prosperous fishing towns and has one of the best sheltered harbors in north Iceland. The people are very friendly and helpful, making it a very welcoming community in a tranquil environment.


The towns offers all major services like a grocery store, restaurants, excellent accommodation options etc.

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