Höfn Town (What To See - South East)

Höfn Town (What To See - South East)
Höfn is a fishing town as well as a service center for the surrounding area, located at the southeastern side of Vatnajökull Glacier. The name of the town, Höfn means a harbour and the town is one of very few harbors on the south coast of Iceland. The reason for the few harbors is the fact that most of the south coast of the country is a low sand beach with drifting sand and therefore it is difficult to build harbors there. The sands are volcanic deposits, originating in numerous volcanoes and craters, hidden beneath the icecap of Vatnajökull Glacier that are carried to the coast by numerous glacial rivers. Höfn has a problem with the drifting sand that tends to accumulate in it´s harbor as well as in the entrance channels, so dredging is essential to remove the sand so boats and ships can safely navigate through the entrance channel to the port.

Services and bearby attractions

The population of Höfn is approximately 2000, and the town offers all major services, but is best known for its excellent lobster and seafood. Close to Höfn is an airport with regular scheduled domestic flight services. There are also several hotels and guesthouse in Höfn and the surrounding area as well as a good campsite in the outskirts of the town. A short distance east of the town on road number 1 is a 1300 meter long tunnel, Almannaskarð Tunnel that was opened in 2005 and replacing a former major obstacle on the highway, the Almannaskarð Pass. Almannaskarð used to dangerous to pass, especially in winter. A short distance east of Almannaskarð is the beautiful mountain Vestahorn and the Stokksnes Peninsula and Black Beach, both popular places with tourists, especially photographers. During the Second World War, the British Army had it´s base at Stokksnes and later, a radar station was built by NATO at Stokksnes Peninsula. The Radar station is still operated today. From Höfn there is a great view of Vatnajökull Glacier to the north that dominates the scenery.

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