(What To See - South East)

Skaftafell<br/>(What To See - South East)


Skaftafell is a natural wonder and a must-visit place for anyone passing by the area. This national park holds some of Iceland’s most precious natural gems in its 500 square kilometres. Skaftafell is nestled at the roots of the mighty Vatnajökull Glacier, which offers a tranquil environment shielded from winds. The area is very lush and green in the summer, and you won't have to look far for rugged, raw surroundings. Skaftafell contains numerous breathtaking hiking trails including a walk to the elegant Svartifoss Waterfall, which is one of the parks most inspiring treasures. Skaftafell has a visitor's centre open year round, a café, a golf course, a swimming pool, and a good camping ground.