Hella Town (What To See - South West)

Hella Town (What To See - South West)
Hella is a small town in South Iceland at the shore of Ytri Rangá river, with about 900 inhabitants and is one of few towns in Iceland not located by the coast or having a harbor. It is said that Irish monks lived there in in caves at the times of first Nordic settlement, therefore the name of the town comes from the caves near the river. A guided tour of one of these caves is available and well worth the visit. Hella is rather young town, as the founding of Hella started in 1927 when Ţorsteinn Björnsson built the first store in the area, serving the farmers in the region. Today, Hella along with the nearby town Hvolsvöllur are the center of services for farmers in the area and visitors passing by on the ring road.


At Hella you will find services like, a gas station, a grocery store, restaurant, hotels and guesthouses. It also has a good public swimming pool with three water slides for the children, several hot tubs and steam baths. Also at the outdoor recreation area in the nearby Nes, you will find 9 hole Frisbee golf course, inflatable jumping pillow and picnic facilities, making Hella a perfect short stop for those traveling with energetic children and people that need to stretch their legs.

Horse breeding

Hella and it´s surrounding areas has a long tradition of horse riding and horse breeding , every few years the week long National Icelandic Horse Competition is held at Hella, attracting riders with horses from all corners of Iceland and many spectators from abroad flock to Hella during this event. Driving by Hella, you are likely to see many horses roaming the fields but if you want to take photos, please make sure you stop at a secure place, well of the main road for your safety and other travelers and please do not feed them bread or other treats, as it is not good for them and they can pickup bad habits the owners might not appreciate

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