Laugarvatn (What To See - South West)

Laugarvatn (What To See - South West)
Laugarvatn is a small village in South of Iceland, sitting on the Golden Circle route that has been a very popular camping place for years and was formed around the boarding schools, located in the village. The Laugarvatn Village is located next to a lake bearing the same name, literally meaning bathing lake.

Geothermal activity and the Fontana Spa

You can find many hot springs on the shores of the lake that warm up this shallow lake, making it possible to swim in it on a good summer day and in the past, popular steam bath was located above one of these bubbling hot springs. Now the old steam bath is gone but one of the most popular attraction in Laugarvatn nowadays is the Fontana Spa, which you might call an updated version of the old steam baths that were there in the past. Stopping at Fontana Spa and relax in the warm water and steam baths for a bit is very refreshing and recommended especially on a wet or cold day. We also recommend tasting the bread they dig down and bake in the boiling hot sand at the lakeshore.


At Laugarvatn you will find all the amenities you might expect at a small village, such as a gas station, restaurants, grocery store as well as several hotels and guesthouses. There is also a very popular campsite at Laugarvatn.

Nearby attractions

Numerous places of interest are located close to Laugarvatn. To mention only a few, Ţingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic Parliament, Alţingi was founded in the year 930, believed to be the oldest parliament in the world in continuous existence, is only about 20 minutes drive to the west from Laugarvatn and the Geysir hot sping area with the erupting Strokkur and many other hot springs is only about 30 minutes drive further to the east from Laugarvatn. Icelands most active hot spring Strokkur spouts or erupts every few minutes up to about 20 meters into the air. The famous Great Geysir is also in the area, but it has been dormant for many years but in the past it used to be very active. Geysir is an Icelandic name of the one and only Geysir, it means „The Gusher“ but many languages have adopted this word for an erupting hot spring, often written as „Geyser“. The waterfall Gullfoss, or the Golden falls is only about 10 minutes further than Geysir. Gullfoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland and definitely one of the most spectacular.

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