Reykjanes Peninsula (What To See - South West)

Reykjanes Peninsula (What To See - South West)
Reykjanes Peninsula is covered in lava fields, therefore it´s known for the lunar landscape and black sand beaches. You can find truly amazing nature wonders here – geothermal areas with hot springs, bridge between two continents, shore with rough cliffs and rich birdlife.

Fagradalsfjall eruption

The most recent wonder of the Reykjanes Peninsula is the famous Fagradalsfjall eruption site where a volcanic eruption started 19. March 2021, when an eruptive fissure opened in the ground at Geldingadalir valleys, following a great seismic activity in the area for more than a year. This eruption has by many been described as a tourist eruption, a term commonly used by Icelanders for minor and mostly harmless eruptions that are spectacular to watch and are easily accessible. The eruption attracted many locals as well as tourists. The eruption site is less than one hour´s drive from Reykjavik and there are several hiking trails towards the site some are rather easy walk but other more challenging rocky wit steep hills and loose gravel. The craters have been quiet and have not erupted since 18. September 2021.

Other places of interest

There are of course many other places of interest on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Seltún is a very active geothermal area at Krýsuvík with numerous boiling mud pools and solfataras. It is located about 40 km from Reykjavik and close to Lake Kleifarvatn, the largest lake on the peninsula, covering an area of about 9 square kilometers. It is alos one of Iceland´s deepes lake, 97 meters deep. The lake is popular for angling and has a big population of char. The famous Blue Lagoon is on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is situated in a geaothermal area. The Blue Lagoon is a man made lagoon and was initially formed after drilling for hot water was performed in the area. Hot water from the ground filled a depression in the lava field to form what we now call the Blue Lagoon. The water is blue shade due to it´s silica content. After the lagoon was formed, it soon became popular for bathing. In the beginning there were no facilitties there but soon changing rooms and showers wer built there and ever since it has been developed further and today it offers excellent bathing facilities. Many activities are available in the area - the Viking Exhibit (home of an exact replica of a 9th century viking ship), ATV and horse riding tours, museums and the famous Blue Lagoon. The international airport is located in Reykjanes.

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