Selfoss Town (What To See - South West)

Selfoss Town (What To See - South West)
Selfoss Town is a comparatively large town in Southwest Iceland where all major services can be found (post office, grocery shop, swimming pool, bank, filling stations, etc.). Selfoss Town sits on the banks of Iceland's most volumnous river, Ölfusá. Selfoss is primarily a trade and service center, as well as being the seat of administration for the extensive farming district surronuding it, which is collectively called Árborg. Selfoss has a population of close to 9000 people, making it the largest town in the south of Iceland, outside the capital area. In 2021, a new town centre opened where the past meets the present in a truly unique way. There they have reconstructed old, historic buildings that will host shops, restaurants, hotels and cultural activities of different kinds. The most notable building is the reconstructed Dairy Farm that is built on the model of a dairy farm that was demolished in 1956. Inside the building you will find a food court with 8 restaurants and Skyrland, an exhibition on Iceland’s unique superfood, Skyr. The main circlular highway runs through the town and a bridge across Ölfusá river is located at Selfoss and is a landmark in the town. There are currently plans of building a new bridge across Ölfusá a short distance out of town and thus, divert the heavy automobile traffic on the main highway past the town, instead of currently going directly through the town´s center. There are several hotels and guesthouses as well as restaurants in Selfoss but tourism has become an increasingly important factor in it´s economy in recent years. There are numerous tourist attractions close to Selfoss.

Nearby Attractions

Only about 15 minutes drive from Selfoss is the volcanic crater Keriđ and the famous Geysir hot spring area, the waterfall Gullfoss and Ţingvellir ( Thingvellir ) National Park, all are less than an hour´s drive from Selfoss. We recommend taking a walk through the new town centre if you have the time. Another option is taking a walk in the small Hellisskógur Forest, overlooking the 9-hole golf course on the banks of the powerful Ölfusá River. If you are interested in golf, then we definitely recommend a visit there.


In 2008, a double earthquake of 5.9 and 5.8 on the Richter scale struck near Selfoss, giving a composite magnitude of 6.1. Luckily there were no human casualties but there were about 30 injuries reported and a number of sheep were killed. Many roads and buildings were damaged as well.

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