Drangsnes Town (What To See - West-fjords)

Drangsnes Town (What To See - West-fjords)
Drangsnes is a fishing village situated by the Steingrímsfjörður Fjord in the Westfjords with a population of 70 - 80 people. Its closes neighbor is Hólmavík town situated across the fjord. By the shore of Drangsnes you will find public hot tubs, that are fed by a natural hot spring beneath them. The tubs are located immediately by the side of the road and are open free of charge to everyone 24/7. The Drangsnes hot tubs have become popular amongst tourists and locals alike and are popular for viewing the Northern Lights in winter. The locals meet in the hot tubs all year round to soak, relax and chat after a day of hard work. There are changing rooms across the road from where the tubs are located.

Nearby attractions

From Drangsnes, boat tours are offered to historic Grímsey Island with thousands of nesting seabirds in summer. Grímsey Island is a nesting colony of about 300,000 Puffins every summer and numerous other species of seabirds nest there too. Whales are frequently spotted around here. The Grímsey Island is nearby and the boat ride takes only about 10 minutes.


Drangsnes offers various services, including a supermarket, a hotel and a restaurant, a campsite as well as a public outdoor swimming pool

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