Flateyri Town (What To See - West-fjords)

Flateyri Town (What To See - West-fjords)
Flateyri is a small village in Westfjords of Iceland and a trading post since 1792 and it even used to be a major Whaling Center in the 19th century for a short while. Today, there are around 260 inhabitants but the town used to be quite a busy fishing village, however after many major fishing companies closed, many people left the place, however it seems that the stagnation period of the town has ended and there are positive signs that the town is growing again. It has become a popular place for Icelanders visiting their own country due to the warm welcome they receive and events. It has also become a popular destination for avid sea anglers, due to the proximity to good fishing grounds, sheltered by the mountains surrounding the fjord. The village hosts the small and eccentric museum Doll museum and for those visiting, checking in at the Old Book Store with its original décor since 1914 is a must.

The Avalance

In 1995, a devastating avalanche hit the village during the night, while most people were sleeping. 20 people lost their lives and many more got buried under the flood and were rescued, but lost their homes, which was a huge hit for such a small and tight knit community. Since then, avalanche deflection dams have been built above the village in 2020 those dams were tested when two avalanches hit them one was deflected but the second one spilled over the dam and hit one house. 3 of the 4 inhabitants were able to get out by themselves but the fourth one was rescued by local rescue units, after being stuck for about 30 minutes in the snow.

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