safjrur Town (What To See - West-fjords)

safjrur Town (What To See - West-fjords)
safjrur, that translates as The Ice Fjord is the largest town in the West Fjords with a population of about 2800 people. safjrur is located in the enormous safjarardjp Fjord, which is surrounded by towering mountains. safjrur was settled about 1100 years ago and grew into a merchant town in the 16th century, and up until 1980, fishing was the livelihood of most inhabitants. Then, and due to less fishing and new fishing regulations and quota reductions, many fishing plants shut down and people moved away in search of jobs like in many other fishing villages dotting the Icelandic coastline. However, the town has bounced back and fishing still plays a big role in the lives of the inhabitants, with tourism becoming a growing source of revenue for the town.


In safjrur Town, you will find hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, museums, cafs, skiing areas, an information centre, and much more of interest to visitors. safjrur hosts some museums exhibitions ranging from the traditional like the Westfjords Heritage Museum to to eccentric like Hversdagssafni (e. Museum of everyday life) and Dellusafni (e. Nonsense Museum) safjrur is host to many festivals and cultural events making it a vibrant, yet quiet, place to visit. safjrur is must-visit for anyone traveling through the West Fjords and is a good base when exploring the northern part of the Westfjords.


If traveling in winter we suggest leaving some room for flexibility, as road conditions and weather can lead to road closures and do so more often than in south Iceland for example. There is an airport at safjrur and regular daily scheduled flights are available between Reykjavk and safjrur.

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