Látrabjarg Cliff
(What To See - West-fjords)

Látrabjarg Cliff<br/>(What To See - West-fjords)


Látrabjarg Cliff is home to a great number of birds including the Puffin. People used to climb down the cliff face to collect eggs, which was not easy or safe when using only a rope and a few people. Látrabjarg is the most western part of Iceland and the biggest bird cliff in Europe. The cliff is 450 meters high and about 14 kilometres long, providing birds with a safe home and an abundance of seafood from the ocean. Látrabjarg is one of the most visited attractions on the West Fjords. Látragjarg is a magnificent attraction, but we encourage travellers to be careful, as the cliff edges can be weak. Látrabjarg is a place where many Icelandic ships and their crews have perished due to the unforgiving force of the sea.