Raušasandur (What To See - West-fjords)

Raušasandur (What To See - West-fjords)
Raušasandur, also known as Raušisandur (Red Sand) is approx. 10 kilemeters long beach with unique color sand that, depending on daylight and weather, can vary from white to yellow to red. It is a very beautiful and tranquil beach – perfect for great photo opportunities and relaxing walks. Most beaches in Iceland are black sand beaches so Raušasandur beach is quite different.


Although the place is rather remotely located in the Westfjords, Raušasandur beach is relatively easy to reach. When approaching Patreksfjöršur town at the end of the Patreksfjöršur Fjord, take road 612 in the direction towards Lįtrabjarg. After driving some distance on this road take road 614 to Raušasandur. Most of the roads in this part of the country are not paved and the road leading to Raušasandur, 614 is a gravel road, steep and winding with sharp turns and offers thrilling experiences, so it is advisable to drive slowly. There is a campsite at Raušasandur and a small café. Raušasandur has a rich birdlife and seals are quite commonly seen on the shore.

Nearby Lįtrabjarg Cliff

An interesting place in the vicinity of Raušasandur is Lįtrabjarg sheer sea cliffs, a home to thousands of nesting Puffins and other species of seabirds in summer. It is 14 kilometers long and about 450 meters high and is a magnificent attraction. Lįtrabjarg is certainly a bird watchers paradise. The road 612 to Lįtrabjarg is called Örlygshafnarvegur and is a mostly a rough gravel road. Lįtrabjarg is the westernmost point if Iceland as well as Europe“s.

Hnjótur Museum

At Hnjótur, located immediately by the side of the road to Lįtrabjarg, is a very interesting local history and a folk museum. This charming museum is well worth a visit as it is among the most interesting in Iceland..

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