Djúpalónssandur (What To See - West)

Djúpalónssandur (What To See - West)
Djúpalónssandur is a very beautiful beach with black sand and frozen lava landscape all around. The place is uninhabited now, but in the past, it used to be one of the most active fishing stations in the area. Djúpalónssandur is located near to the tip of the Snćfellsnes Peninsula. Close to the beach is a fresh water lagoon or a pond called Djúpalón that the beach is named after. There is a road that leads from the main highway towards Djúpalónssandur that ends at a car park, from where one needs to walk a short distance along the so called Nautastígur Path down to the beach.


Remains of a shipwreck can still be found on the beach but scattered around the beach are pices of iron from a British trawler, Epine that was wrecked in a blizzard on a winter night, close to the nearby Dritvík cove in the year 1948. 14 men drowned but only 4 were rescued by an Icelandic rescue team. The remains of the trawler are now protected and kept on the beach in memory of the fishermen. The suction of the ocean waves at Djópalónssandur can be extremely powerful and the current can be strong too, so one needs to be careful walking on the beach, close to the water.

The stones

Close to the walking path to Djúpalónssandur are four differently sized and round stones. They are known as Aflraunasteinar - Steinatök or lifting-stones. They were used to measure the strength of the fishermen. The largest stone is called Fullsterkur which means Strong and weighs 154 kg and only the very strong men can manage to lift that one. The second one is called Hálfsterkur which means Half-Strong and weighs 100 kg. The other stones are smaller and weigh less. Of course you can try your own strength on these stones yourself.

Dritvík Cove

A short distance away is another abandoned fishing station called Dritvík Cove which was for centuries the largest fishing staion in the country, but Dritvík has a natural well sheltered harbor by high walls of lava. There is a hiking path from Djúpalónssandur to Dritvík. Djúpalónssandur is in a beautiful setting and towering above and some distance away from the beach is the majestic Snćfellsjökull Glacier.

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