Grábrók Crater (What To See - West)

Grábrók Crater (What To See - West)
Grábrók Crater is located only a short distance from road 1 in Norđurárdalur valley, near Bifröst University and is the largest of the craters on a seven square kilometers lava field. The crater was formed in a fissure eruption approximately 3400 years ago and has been a protected Nature Reserve since 1962. The name Grábrók translates to Grey Pants, likely due to the delicate moss growing on its lower slopes, which in dry weather has a greyish color. It is popular to walk up to the top of the crater as it is very close to the road, it has good walking paths with stairs and just a perfect little stop to stretch your legs a bit, after a long time sitting in the car. The crater is about 170 meters high and the relatively easy walk will take most people around 30 to 40 minutes to the top, around the rim of the crater and back to the parking lot.

Nearby attractions

There are great views from the top of Grábrók over the Borgarfjörđur District and the cone shaped and colorful mountain Baula is visible to the northwest from Grábrók. The beautiful Lake Hređavatn is close to Grábrók, surrounded by a Birch forest and many summer cottages. Only one kilometer from Grábrók is Bifröst University. Bifröst was originally a business school but is a university from the year 1988.

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