Hellnar (What To See - West)

Hellnar (What To See - West)
Hellnar is an old fishing village that used to be one of the most important ports for fishing ships in the SnŠfellsnes area. Many picturesque rock formations can be found on the beach of Hellnar, one of them is cliff that reaches into the sea and is called Valasn÷s. In this cliff there is an interesting cave, Ba­stofuhellir that has been created by the pounding sea waves. . In the cliffs as well as in the cave there is always rich birdlife in summer but numerous seabirds nest there every summer. At Hellnar you will find a hotels and a charming small indoor and outdoor cafÚ is righ on the beach called Fj÷ruh˙si­. At Hellnar on top of a hill, there stands an old church that was built in 1945. Hellnar still has a small harbor and seals are frequently seen there.

Nearby attractions

A short distance from Hellnar is another old fishing station and still in use as such. This is Arnarstapi, which is still quite a busy fishing harbor during summer. Arnarstapi is a very popular tourist attraction, especially in summer due to it┤s rich bird life and beautiful coastal scenery with spectacular rock formations. There is a large nesting colony of Arctic Terns at Arnarstapi, where thousands of Arctic Terns nest every summer. There is a hiking trail along the sea cliffs between Hellnar and Arnarstapi that are now protected as a Nature Reserve. This two and a half kilometer hiking trail offers superb and spectacular scenery and is a must do for photographers. Towering above the coastal landscape at Hellnar rises the magnificent SnŠfellsj÷kull Glacier, a glaciated volcano, it┤s crater famous for being the entrance to the subterranean world in the famous Jules Verneĺs novel Journey to The Centre of The Earth. Many places of interest are to be found nearby Hellnar, including Dj˙palˇnssandur, DritvÝk Cove, Lˇndrangar Cliffs, Ů˙fubjarg Cliff with thousands of nesting seabirds in summer, Saxhˇll Crater, Índver­arnes former fising station and many more.

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