Lóndrangar Rock Formations (What To See - West)

Lóndrangar Rock Formations (What To See - West)
Lóndrangar, the two pillar rocks, located at the south shore of the Snćfellsnes Peninsula at the foot of the majestic Snćfellsjökull Glacier, are the only remains of an ancient volcano, so called crater plugs. The soft materials of the volcano have been eroded away by the ocean waves, but the two pillar rocks still stand. The larger one is 75 meters (246 ft) tall and was first climbed in the year 1735. Today's visitors are not so adventurous and find it enough to view the pillars and surf below from a safe distance and leave exploring the pillars in detail to the various sea birds that occupy some of the small ledges in summer.


In Icelandic folklore, Trolls and giants are a common theme and one version of those local stories explains the existence of the cliffs as being two trolls madly in love with each other, taking a stroll along the coast , fixed on each other's eyes they didn't notice the sun rising and therefore turned into stone.


Lóndrangar are best seen from the viewing platform on Svalţúfa Hill, situated within a short walking distance from the parking lot on road number 574, often referred to as Útnesvegur road. For those who like to get a bit closer, there is a walking trail about 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) out and back starting at the Svalţúfa parking lot. A different option is to start the walk from the Visitors Center for Snćfellsjökull National Park at Malarrif, from where the distance is 2.3 kilometers (1.5 miles) out and back. Lóndrangar is just one of many interesting sites on the Snćfellsjökull peninsula which is an area we certainly recommend adding to your roadtrip. Many self drive tour options to Lóndrangar can be found at www.tour.is

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