Stykkishˇlmur Town (What To See - West)

Stykkishˇlmur Town (What To See - West)
Stykkishˇlmur Town is the largest town on the SnŠfellsnes Peninsula with a population of about 1200 people. For the past four centuries, Stykkishˇlmur, with its well-sheltered harbor, has been an important fishing, trading, and administrative centre. The position of the town with its favorable harbor area, made it an ideal trading post which was founded there in the year 1550. This is a beautiful and especially charming seaside town on the north side of the peninsula, offering all major services. Many houses in town are old, colorful, and well preserved in their original state, giving Stykkishˇlmur a certain charm.

Nearby attractions

Many tours and activities are available in Stykkishˇlmur, including an adventure bird watchin and a nature cruise on the Brei­afj÷r­ur Bay, exhilarating speed boat tours, a swimming pool, golf course, museums, exhibitions, and first class restaurants and cafÚs. In August each year, a festival is held in town called Danskir Dagar which translates to Danish days in honor of the historic bonds that the town used to have with Denmark. From Stykkishˇlmur, the Baldur ferry crosses daily over the mighty Brei­afj÷r­ur Bay with a stop in the small island of Flatey, before reaching the BrjßnslŠkur harbor on the south coast of the West Fjords. The drive to Stykkishˇlmur from ReykjavÝk takes about 2,5 hours on a paved road. One might consider taking a trip around the peninsula with the majestic SnŠfellsj÷kull glacier at the tip.

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